Genetic Testing Interpretation


Let’s unravel the mystery that is your body through genetic testing and once and for all discover what your body needs to make it reach it’s full potential.



Bodies are a great mystery, but there is a key to unlocking them – genetic testing.

These tests can tell you exactly what your body does well and what it needs help with enabling you to adjust your nutrition to meet the needs of your body – not just guessing.

Healthcare has historically been a one-size-fits-all system that just doesn’t work for many of us. With genetic testing you can tailor your health care to your specific body.

Step 1:

Order your DNA kit. Click -> AncestryDNA

Step 2:

When you get your results from, download the raw data (Watch this video to see how to download raw data from AncestryDNA). Then go to and upload the raw data. Livewello will show you some health reports, but I need you to click on the Variance Reports tab and send me the link so I can review the report and look at the approximately 50 genes I need to help get your health on the right track.

These genes will tell me about your methylation status, mitochondrial function, detoxification systems, neurotransmitters and inflammatory markers. By working on just getting these genes doing what they need to do, we can hopefully help you feel your best.

Step 3:

We will set up a time to discuss your reports and create a path to wellness.

This is such an exciting field of healthcare. I’m looking forward to helping you navigate your genetic information and learn more about how to help your body reach it’s full potential.

This has been LIFE CHANGING for me and my family. I have discovered root causes for many health issues I have struggled with my entire life. It has set me on the right track to actual healing. I’d love to do the same for you.


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