Whole 30 Walk Through



Doing a Whole 30 Challenge is difficult, let me help walk you through the process and set you up for success and a healthy life.


Product Description


Whole 30 Walk Through – $175

A Whole 30 Challenge is hard…not gonna lie. Everyone struggles and needs support.

Let me help walk you through the process and set you up for success.

We will meet 5 times:

  1. Intro – We’ll go over the rules, set up your Whole 30 binder* and prepare your kitchen (1-2 weeks before)
  2. Meal Planning – we’ll review your meal plan for the month and go through specific recipes to make sure they are perfect for you. (1-2 days before)
  3. Meal Planning & Trouble Shooting – You may┬ástart to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. We’ll make sure you have strategies to get you through (1 week in)
  4. Meal Planning – We’ll adjust the remaining meal plans to make sure they fit your life and tastes. (2-3 weeks in)
  5. Plan Next Steps – We’ll review how the challenge has gone for you and talk about reintroducing some of the restricted foods and make a plan to help you maintain your new habits (last week)

*Whole 30 Binder – This binder will be your lifeline during your challenge. It will contain your rules, food lists, meal plans, daily food logs and resources

I can’t wait to get started!


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