Sample Keto Meal Plan

Sample Keto Meal Plan for a Day

Switching to a ketogenic way of eating can be quite a change when you’ve been following the common U.S. dietary guidelines your entire life. Hopefully this sample keto meal plan will help you see it’s a lot easier than you think.

Sample Keto Meal Plan

Sample Keto Meal Plan

Ketogenic basically mean fat burning. The goal of the ketogenic way of eating is to get your body to start using fat for fuel – both fat from your body and dietary fat.

There can be a few side effects at first if you’ve been eating a high carbohydrate diet, but here is nothing dangerous about eating above ground vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

I’m going to include a Sample Meal Plan here, but if you feel you may need a little more help you can get my 10 Day Keto Detox which includes  meal plans to get you started on the right foot.

Try this Keto Calculator to figure your macros


Since I’m only 5’3″ tall, if I were to eat a big breakfast, I wouldn’t get to eat much more in a day. Many people in the ketogenic lifestyle choose to skip breakfast to increase their fasted time during the day and I do this often too.

If I do eat, usually it’s one egg and one piece of bacon plus coffee with heavy whipping cream. If I skip breakfast, I usually still do the coffee with heavy whipping cream. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners (yes Stevia too) since they may raise insulin levels. I consider Stevia a treat and therefore only use it once in a while.


This is where I usually try to have a big salad. I shoot for AT LEAST 3-4 cups of above ground vegetables in a day and find that a big salad at lunch gets me half way there. My favorite is a Cobb Salad.

I also find that I need a lot of healthy fat at this meal. I typically eat an entire avocado with my salad. This helps me to have the energy I need to make it through the day without snacking.


For dinner I usually have a protein that I put in the InstaPot that morning. I add in an above ground vegetable (my favorites are cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower rice) and then top with a healthy fat (usually cheese, butter or avocado).


I try very hard not to snack during the day. I want to make sure that I am only putting food in my mouth 2-3 times a day to limit my insulin response and keep my body in ketosis. If I do need a snack, I usually go for a few almonds or macadamia nuts.

There you have it! It’s best to use a macronutrient tracking app to help you get an idea of what has carbs in it and how much. You don’t have to track daily but you should check in with the app every few weeks to make sure you’re still guess-timating correctly.

10 Day Keto Detox

If you need a little more help, try my 10 Day Detox. The meal plans are all low carb and can really help you get a jump start on this way of eating.

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