3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Starting Supplements

We all know the Standard American Diet is pretty bad and that we need to supplement our diets with vitamin and minerals in order to meet our bodies daily nutritional needs.

BUT…there are soooo many options out there, who knows which supplements are actually beneficial and not just causing us to pee them out!

And taking control of your health naturally is why you’re here, right?

The challenge is there’s just so many mistakes both first time supplement users AND veteran supplement users make that are costing them lots of money.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 costly mistakes I see people making when starting a supplement routine.

3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Taking Supplements

Costly Supplement Mistake #1

The first, and biggest, mistake I see people making is just going to their local store and buying a standard multi-vitamin off the shelf.

Please, I beg of you, just back away from the vitamin shelf at your local store.

Most of these vitamins are made as cheaply as possible to sell as cheaply as possible. They are comprised of man-made materials…not sourced from natural, whole food sources

Costly Supplement Mistake #2

MIstake number two is very similar to mistake number one, but potentially even more dangerous…and that’s buying supplements off Amazon.

Many supplements are just fine when purchased off Amazon, but some have been faked. They have used the bottles and filled them with fake, look alike materials that don’t have the same potency as the originals. And figuring out if you have a fake is hard to do.

So, while buying supplements may be cheaper, it can also be like playing roulette…you never know if you’re gonna get lucky or make a mistake that affects your health.

Costly Supplement Mistake #3

Another BIG mistake I see my clients make is buying every individual vitamin under the sun.

They’ve heard that B vitamins help with energy, so they buy those.

They’ve heard that Turmeric helps with inflammation, so they buy those.

They’ve heard that vitamin D is important for supporting the immune system, so they buy that.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

And before they know it, they have an entire cabinet filled with vitamins and spend 15 minutes every day sorting out which ones they take with food and without food and at which times of the day.

This mistake is super costly both financially and health wise too. Many vitamins don’t work on an individual basis…and could actually be doing more hard than good. Vitamins need co-factors, or other vitamins and minerals, to help make them work their best.

What To Do Instead

In my 5 years as a Certified Health Coach and my years studying to receive my Masters in Health and Nutrition Education, I have used a LOT of different supplements.

And I know all of these costly mistakes because I’ve made them all too…just like you.

I’ve found there are two kinds of people 1) those who make the mistakes above and 2) those who have no idea what to do, so they make the even more costly mistake of not taking any supplements at all.

I believe that between our Standard American Diet and the overfarming of our soil consuming the required nutrients to build healthy, strong bodies that are disease free for a hundred years is impossible today.

Correct supplementation, as well as consuming an anti-inflammatory diet, is required for long term health.

I’d love to help you find a way of determining the correct supplements for YOUR body.

Now you’re invited to take the next step of finding the right supplements for your body by completing this free Health Survey

Once you’ve completed the survey, I will get in touch with you so we can make a plan to help you take control of your health naturally.

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