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Are you suffering with a chronic health issue and tired of taking more and more prescription meds? I’ve been there! You need another med to counteract the effects of the previous med that wasn’t really helping you in the first place.

Did you know that it is estimated that 75-90% of all doctor’s visits these days are stress related? And stress is related to 5 out of 6 of the leading causes of death today.

We have to get this under control!

First I have to say there is no quick fix. You have to focus on your own self-care. You must make yourself a priority ! There are “plates” that you must keep spinning at all times in order to enjoy true alignment and health – food – eliminate allergenic foods and eat a primarily whole food plant based diet , get regular sleep and exercise, incorporate daily self care and detoxification practices and target supplementation for YOUR body.

These plates like to stop spinning and fall to the floor when you’re not looking, so you have to always be checking them. But once you get these plates all spinning on the same day…you will be amazed at how well your brain works, how calm you are, how present you are with your family and how much energy you feel.

I’d love to teach you these steps to taking control of your health naturally. Join my membership where I walk you through the steps to finding your simply abundant health…click this link to join now.

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Are you struggling to lose that unwanted weight?
Are you suffering from insomnia or anxiety?
Do you want to have more energy and a healthier heart?


With Sarah’s help and guidance I now weigh what I did in college (15 years ago). I never thought that would be possible. I have always eaten healthy (according to typical healthy eating standards) but still was morbidly obese. Going to Sarah taught me a new way to look at eating, which actually involved a lot more fat than I ever thought needed, and I have lost enough weight that I am now obese, not morbidly obese! Best part is, I am still losing.  

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Sarah is a compassionate and energetic health coach. She is a natural teacher who works WITH you to help you achieve YOUR goals in YOUR way without inducing guilt, shame, or painful restrictions. Her gentle nudging, persistent problem solving, and enthusiastic cheerleading are just the resource and encouragement you might need!